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Friendly Landscape of Morocco

Morocco landscapes have been an inspiration for many artists and soul seekers that either installed her or come here for inspiration. This is a beautiful country considered one of the best tourist locations. The climate, the sunshine, the serene coastline, the high plateau and the Atlas Mountains make your trip worth the money.

Morocco is divided into 4 different feature of the natural landscape.

We can take you at any destination through anyplace or region.

The Mountains :

The Atlas Mountains are the most impressive feature of Morocco landscapes. They are divided as Middle Atlas, High Atlas and Anti Atlas. The High Atlas have vast fertile valley where you would fall in love with the rivers and waterfalls. There are hiking trails as well as mountain biking tails. This is the home of the Berbers who come as friendly and hospitable people.

Rif Region :

The beautiful Rif is a mountain range that extends from Tangier in the west and going along the Mediterranean Sea in the north. The mountain region derives its name from the Berber word, arif. The Rif was initially inhabited by the Berbers and was later invaded by the Phoenicians in the 3rd century BC, followed by the Romans and the Byzantines. The high plateau of Eastern Morocco .The region is well known for its geographic diversity, as it is home to mountains, the sea, rivers, and hills. Major cities in the region are Nador, Tangier and the lovely Chefchaouen.

The Sahara Desert :

This one of the main attractions of morocco it can be divided in two ergs (erg chebi and erg chegega) the first one take place in merzouga region covering a vast land sand and the highest in the world where the sunset and sunrise and camel trekking is a unique adventure in the world .the erg take place in errachidia province covered with large oasis .the second one take place at Zagora region

The beaches :

after you trip to the sands of the Sahara you can find it even more amazing to walk the sands of the Mediterranean coast. You can have a wonderful time swimming at the beaches of most of the coastal towns like Agadir. Long clean beaches with a lot of beach side activity, hotels are a great spot to can a tan and enjoy the tranquil lying on the sands. Fishing, wind surfing spots in the pristine blue waters are a treat to remember. There is so much variety in the Moroccan landscape that you can enjoy that it can hardly fit in a few words.

Morocco's Climate - a season for everyone and at every time

Morocco has a moderate, tropical climate with cool sea breezes from the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea.. The temperature and climate vary with the terrain and regions. In the desert region in the south and south eastern part of Morocco the temperature are high while in the mountain ranges it can be freezing during night time.

In cities like Marrakech it is bright and sunny the whole year round.
Daily sunshine can range from 13 hours in the desert to 9 & 10 on the Atlantic coast. In the winter, you’ll see up to 6 hours in the North, increasing to 7 or 8 as you move south.
Regardless of when you are traveling to Morocco, it’s best to bring many layers as your trip will involve travel through many different climate zones

Language and Religion

The overall composition of the population of Morocco is very diverse. Along with the Arabs and the Berbers you would also find a small population of the Gnaoua and Haratin. These are known to be a highly mixed or African race. Along with the Spanish and French who have made it their home, there also exists the Jewish community though as a minority group. Among these the Berbers are the indigenous people of North Africa and are known to have been in this region for the last five thousand years.

Though Arabic is the official language of Morocco, the local inhabitant use a dialect called the Morocco Arabic. You would be amazed to find people there conversing in French but it is the unofficial language of Morocco. It is mainly in use for commerce and economics and educational purposes. English is also becoming their second foreign language. In the northern parts of Morocco, Spanish is the popular language.

The main religion here is Islam .all Moroccan people are peaceful and welcoming as


Moroccan cuisine is often reputed to be some of the best in the world, with countless dishes and variations proudly bearing the country's colonial and Arabic influences. Moroccans do not generally eat out in restaurants so choice is generally limited to international fare such as Chinese, Indian and French cuisine. We have a lot of traditional cuisine suck couscous and tajin or basstilla .soups are well done and considered one of the best main foods in breakfast

Snacks and fast food

Snackers and budget watchers are well catered for in Morocco. Rotisserie chicken shops abound, where you can get a quarter chicken served with fries and salad


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